Eco Tools Lovely Look Makeup Brush Mini Collection

Hello team! 

Salutations from the bath, as it’s been a stinker of a week. Wah. 

So Saturday, Joe and I took a stroll in to town so that I can mail the makeup i bought for a makeup swap with @angelinabbdoll on instagram, she lives in the states so i sent her some awesome bits from Supadrug, and she is sending me some Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation amongst some other small bits, so a review will be up of that Asap. 

As we were in town, we popped in to TK Maxx to look at the homeware and nick nacks. We bought a prop for our wedding in October which is exciting and at the tills I spotted these beauties. 

These were £7.99 which I didn’t think was awful as I have heard great things about Eco Tools, and I am on the hunt for more great quality tools. The set comes in a little book holder, that made of hard cardboard and is really durable, it will always hold the brushes in place, I can’t see it getting slack over time. The box has a glossy, high end feel to it, which is pretty awesome for £7.99. 

As we can see, the brushes are a mini set, but upon first use this hasn’t put me off, they don’t need to be any bigger for me. The set has a powder/blush brush, a foundation brush, two eyeshadow brushes, one for all over and one for more precise lines, and then a lip brush. I must confess I haven’t used the lip brush, as i don’t have any lip stains or low enough lipsticks. 

First up, the foundation brush was lovely, it has the standard shape, kind of off almost, and has a good packing of bristles. I put the foundation on my hand first, but next time I will dot on my face and then blend in for even coverage. This left no streaks or brush marks on my face, so I’d call it a win. The only downside is the brush needed immediately cleaning afterwards because it didn’t absorb any product. 

The powder and blush brush was my favourite of this whole set, it was super soft, and picked up the right amount of product first time. I used it for both powder and blush, and whilst it was fine for blush, I really liked it for powder. The loose powder just glided on perfectly. 

I bought this set for the eyeshadow brushes, and to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. The all over the lid brush is scratchy. That’s all I can really say. Blending was hurting, and I ended up using my Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush to blend the edges, coz my sensitive eyes couldn’t stand the scratch. The flat detail brush was a redeemer though, it applied brown shadow to my lash line like it was liner and was so easy to do my brows with. 

My final look with the brushes…

Overall I am happy with this purchase, I am still on the hunt for good eyeshadow brushes though, so hit me up in the comments with your recommendations. 

Thanks for reading! 

Loreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation

Hey guys, 

Sorry for the two day silence, working the bank holiday and working til 8pm leaves me a tiny bit drained occasionally, so I’m sorry! 

Today I am reviewing the Loreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation in Porcelain. I bought this because of the huge hype around the advertising. Someone earnt their bonus there. I got this for £9.99 which in all honesty is quite pricey for a drugstore foundation. 

The bottle is interesting as far as a £10 foundation goes, I would expect a proper bottle at that price point, but whatever. It has a screw top lid and doesn’t get mucky, so that is a plus for the packaging itself. Another upside is that you have more control over how much product comes out, apposed to a pump bottle. 

Excuse the lack of the rest of my makeup here. And my wonky boobs haha. 

As we all know, this is a super matte finish, however it does stay quite wet on the skin for a little while after application, so if you are in a rush, I would suggest that you use a setting powder. It mixes well with concealer under the eyes too, without going floppy, which is great. 

As you can see, the formulation is very thick, and this helps with its ‘Total Coverage’ claims. I can’t fault the coverage on this foundation on application. This covers every skin sin going, so it is amazing for covering scars and redness, however, it sticks to dry patches and dispite the thickness, it leaves the skin feeling kinda dry. It does also claim to be lightweight on the skin, which it is. It’s not cakey feeling at all. 

Overall, it does what it says on the tin, but I think I was expecting more. I wouldn’t buy this again, just because it sticks to my dry patches, but I had never used a matte foundation before, and I like the look, so I will be on the look out for the perfect matte foundation! 

What matte foundations do you recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Easter Sunday Bright Eye Tutorial 

Hello beauties, 

So yesterday was Easter, and my one day off over the bank holiday, so I wanted to have fun with my makeup! 

I started with my L’oreal Infallible Total Coverage foundation in Porcelain and applied with a dry Real Techniques Sponge as my base, and spot concealed with my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light. I also dabbed this over my eyelids and under my eyes to cover the bags from not sleeping much Friday and Saturday. After this was covered, I used MUA Professional Ultra Fine Loose Setting Powder in Translucent. 

Eyes were the best bit of this look! This whole eye look was completed with Makeup Revolution Unicorn Love Palette. I as ever used the matte white (1) all over the lid, to help the other shadows glide on and for the colours to pop! After, I use the red tones brown in the top row (2) as a transitional colour in the crease of my eye. I blended this out then went in with the light purple shade which has a light shimmer all over the lid and into the crease. I had to go over this a couple of times as o wanted the colour to be really vibrant (3). I then use the darker purple shade that is a very shimmery shade all over the lid, again I applied a couple of layers to really make the shimmer noticible (4). (5) is where the fun begins, I used the dark turquoise shimmer in the outer corner of my eye, though the outer of the crease and under the lash line. 

I then lined my eyes with Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner in Carbon Black and used MUA Amplification Statement Lash Mascara in Black to coat my lashes 

The rest of my face, I used Benefit Hoola Bronzer to sculpt out my cheeks and to warm up my forehead and temple. I use a Real Techniques Core Collection Contour brush for this, and use upward motions on my cheeks to help them blend nicely. 

For blush I used the nude shimmer in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice all over the apples of my chubber cheeks, then Makeup Revolution Vivid Bakes in Golden Lights to highlight my cheekbones, my nose and my Cupid’s bow, coz shining is fun! 

My lips are the MUA Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Reckless. It honestly lasted so well through a roast dinner, mint sauce, chocolate cake, wine and tea! So I think I might have judged this harshly in the past.

Let me know of you liked this look, if you try it, drop me a tweet @amytoriabeauty of the outcome! 

Rock Chick Smokey Eye Tutorial! 

Hello guys! 

So sorry I didn’t blog Saturday, I just couldn’t. Physically. My brain has only just reanimated from the liquid it had transformed into from the hangover of the year.

This look was for my beautiful friend Candice’s Hen Do. She had a rock chick theme as her fiance is in a rock band. 

So I used my Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette to create this whole look!  

I started with the pure white shade on the third row of the palette all over my eyes as a base (1) and I layered this over twice to get a good light base, cos this look was all about the drama! I then went in with the light brown colour near to the white base (2) as a transitional colour in my crease. I used my fluffy Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush for this whole look, aside from the glitter which I used my finger for. 

After I had laid my base down, I used the dark brown colour (3) to sclupt out my crease and create the shape I wanted with the shadow. This brown is probably my favourite brown for creating a daytime smokey eye. Once I had blended this out, I then had the slightly scary task of adding the black to the look, I basically went over where I had laid the brown (3) previously, as well as along the lashline and under the waterline (4). After I had laid the colour I then blended the black out to the desired shape from the lashline and through the crease lightly. 

Once I had all my dark shades down, I then moved on to getting the white and shimmer on the centre of the eye. I used (1) and (5) alternatively to create the lightest part of my eye. I blended these into the black with my brush, and then applied more of the shimmer (5) with my finger to build that dramatic look! 

In the corner of my eye, I used the silver highlight from the Makeup Revolution Love the Revolution Palette in my inner corner to make my eyes pop!

After this was down, I then used my staple Soap and Glory Supercar Eyeliner to line my eyes, I went back to flicks after my Glowy makeup look which you can find below. And I used my sample size Benefit They’re Real Mascara because I wanted longwearing super dramatic lashes for the night. Which turned out to be a great idea, as I definitely didn’t roll in til 1am and I definitely had work at 9am. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, if you did, please leave me a comment below! 

By the way guys, I got a twitter. @AmyToriaBeauty!  Follow me for blog updates and general thoughts! 

New Look Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick in Burgundy

I said this deserved its own review! 

I bought this liquid lipstick a little while ago, and honestly, it never fails to impress me. 

The packaging is quite basic, its plastic with a black lid but I love the rectangular shape. Its just a bit funky in my sheltered mind haha. The only trouble is as you can see, it is easy to not completely do it up, which could potentially cause a gloopiness issue of time. The scientific termonolgy there…

I really really love this doe foot applicator. It holds just the right amount of product to cover each part of the lip, and has edges that allow you to effectively line your lips to get really crisp and precise lines. Which we all know is goals. 

As you can see from the swatch it is a very dark colour, which you would expect, and is very opaque. The formula is of a creamy consistency as it goes on, so it’s not a loose or watery liquid lipstick at all. This attributes to the fact that it doesn’t cling to dry skin on your lips, which let’s face it is all a girl can ask of her liquid lipstick when applying makeup at 6am for work 😴

And this is how it wears! Cheating I know. It is such a versalite, go to colour that makes most looks look classy! So overall, I am down. I can’t have paid more than £4 for this so it is an absolute steal!

Any suggestions on what to review next? Let me know?!

Glowy Look Tutorial

Hey guys, so I thought I’d do another tutorial, this time on the glowy look I put together for work today! 

I started my look with the Makeup Revolution 24hr Primer. I just find that my makeup won’t last a 9+hr day without it, I am super curious to find other affordable and good primers, so hit me up! So I would recommend a primer to start, especially if its a long day. 

Next you are gunna need a foundation with a dewwy finish, I used Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 015. Another alternative might be the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. To blend in I used my real techniques sponge, but if you have a good foundation brush this would work just as well. 

If you have dark circles, or like me its 6am, you might want to add some concealer under your eyes. Today I used Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer in 010 Ivory. I used this as it has a dewy illuminated finish which is just what I was going for! Its of course all optional, but I also used this on the bridge of my nose and on my t-zone. 

If like me, you have combination skin, you might want to set your concealer. Using a light  hand, I applied MUA Professional Loose Powder in Translucent. For ultimate glow, just powder the areas that get greasy. 

To contour, I picked a cool shade, but you can pick whatever suits you. I used the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette in Light to define my cheek bones and top of my forehead. I then went over my forehead and temples with Benefit Hoola to warm it up slightly, but this can be emulated with other matte bronzers. The MUA bronzer I mentioned in my wishlist looks a pretty good match, and is only £4. 

For the eyes, I used a light off white shimmer as a base, the one I used was from Makeup Revolution’s Love the Revolution Palette and then used the dark matte brown/khaki colour from the same palette. I blended this into the crease and outwards to the brow bone to soften the line. I then used the dark matte brown in the Fortune Favours the Brave Palette on the outer corner, and again smoked this out to the brown bone, along the lashline and through the crease. I also used the same colour along the waterline. To finish the eye-shadow, I went in with the original off-white shimmer to the centre of my eye inwards. I also used a dab of the bright white in the Fortune palette in the inner corner and under the eyebrow to give lift. 

I used Benefit Gimme Brow in 5 to keep my Bushy AF brows looking natural. I think there are definitely cheaper alternatives to this, I’m on it guys, dont worry. 

To line my eyes I used my trusty Soap and Glory Supercar Eyeliner to do a super thin line along the lash line. This was probably the first and last time I dont do a flick. I wasn’t a fan of this natural eye shape haha. 

I actually forgot to put mascara on, if I hadn’t I would have used my MUA Amplification Statement Lash Mascara as I actually prefer it to my Benefit one. 

For my cheeks, I wanted a peachy colour, but this is all preference and would work with most blusher shades. I used the coral blusher from the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice. I tapped on the colour then blended as it is super pigmented. 

To highlight I wanted to make sure the those areas I used powder on earlier are still glowing, so I used the Real Techniques Foundation Brush to apply Makeup Revolution Vivid Bakes in Golden Lights to highlight the cheek bones, bridge of my nose, middle of my forehead and cupids bow. 

For lips, I decided on a dark Burgundy colour, because it matched my dress, my hair and my soul. Just playing. I used the New Look Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick in 67 Burgundy. I’m gunna have to have to do a full review on this lipstick because its just bomb, honestly. 

To finish use a setting spray, you can get illuminating setting sprays, so look out for those. I just used my standard Makeup Revolution Flawless Finish Setting Spray, because it was like £6 and it works really well. Since using it, I find my face makeup lasts the full 9+hrs. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, if you have anything you want me to test out or review, please let me know! 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice Review


So today I will be reviewing the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and  Spice. Until I Bought this, I only owned one blusher, that I’d had maybe a year, and to be honest, the powder had become greasy and compacted and had crap pigmentation. Que this guy…

This one comes in a sleek hard shell, which is just the perfect size to chuck in your handbag, and know you’re gunna have a full size mirror to hand. To check out allll that beauty. Its durable, and could probably stand a drop with minimal damage. The only downside, it scratches super easy, which takes away from the sleekness of the packaging. 

They pan size is surprising large, and just perfect for getting a fluffy blusher brush (say that five times fast) in there to get great coverage on the cheek. This palette holds 6 blushers and 2 highlights, which also makes this a very versatile palette. 

Some of the colours are more wearable than others in my mind, but I have perpetual clown face blusher. Like I dont even know sometimes, but I’m working on it. I have done some swatches for the the first four at the bottom are the top row, and the second four on top are the second row. 

First off, these shadows are PIG-MENT-ED like you seriously have to blow the brush before it hits your cheek, and my best suggestion is to tap product on to your cheek, then blend out for maximum control on colour. 

I personally find the first 4 colours more wearable on a day to day basis, because I tend not to wear pink unless its a nude colour, and a lot of the second row colours are deeper, so I think these will suit a darker skin tone, or good for a night out. Third one in from the second row is a lovely corally pink which I find nice. 

Let’s talk about these highlights now shall we? The light pink 4th up is a gorgeous duochrome pink colour that I find extremely wearable. The dark pink though could only really be used as an eye-shadow for me, I tried putting it on my face and it was hilarious! This I could imagine being stunning on deep skin tones, but for a milk bottle like me it is far to dark. 

I am again, overall, very impressed with this palette, from the design, to the colour variety and the formula of the product. None of these shadows are chaulky powders, all of them and creamy and blendable. This was like £7.99 so an absolute bargain for a palette you can get so many different uses from. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Affordable Makeup Wishlist


Thought I would so something a little different for this post, and share with you what is on my online basket at Superdrug and Boots!


I am currently using L’oreal Infallible Total Coverage, but I find that without a bronzer I literally look like Liv Moore from iZombie. I love the coverage of it though.

Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation

Barry M foundation

I really like the look of this foundation, it says it is an oil free, moisturising foundation, which honestly, I need in my lifeeee. The reviews are all fairly good that I’ve seen and its £5.99 which lets face it, is a complete steal.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent


I make a damn mess with my loose setting powder, I think I just need to bite the bullet and buy a pressed poweder. Also it will be easier for top ups. I heard DramaticMac on youtube say that this used to be her favourite setting powder, and well, they don’t call them influencers for nothing!

This one claims up to 5 hours of natural shine control, which sounds like a top up at lunch time, but honestly, its not the end of the world. This one is £3.99, and I have high hopes for it.

Bronzer and Contour

MUA Bronzed Perfection Matte – Sunset Tan

MUA Bronzer

Again, I have seen so much hype about this bronzer, that I feel I just have to give it a go for £4. It looks to be a lovely warm shade, that I think is buildable, so I can start small and build up. I really enjoy my Benefit Hoola bronzer, but it is very very pigmented, and sometimes leaves me looking orange.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Pallete

makeup revol

I am really interested in trying a cream contour, as it looks absolutely stunning when done correctly, and I think for £8, this would be a great place to start. I have tried other revolution cream products, and know they are pigmented and blendable, so I think this could be really great.


I heart Makeup’s I love Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette Vice


This looks so dark and interesting! I am instantly drawn to those red and pink shades. This is £7.99 and looks like a steal if it is anything like my Unicorn Love Palette. It looks to have some gorgeous transitional colours that will help create some dramatic looks!


Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint in On the Scene Brown Nude

Barry m lips

I am Amy, and I am desperately seeking the perfect affordable brown nude liquid lipstick. This could be it! I again have seen rave reviews of these online, so I think I can stretch to £4.99 to try this one out!

This basket comes to £34.96 which is amazing for basically a full make up look, with most of the items being extremely versatile. Now I can’t wait for the 26th of the month!

So this is this months wishlist, If you like these I will do one every month, so we all know how I intend to spend payday, and its kind of a prelude into what I will be reviewing in the future.

If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please leave a comment below!


Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria in Karma Review.

Back to your regularly scheduled make up brand…

Hi guys, 

Just a short review today, of the Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria lipgloss in the shade Karma. 

The packaging is nice. Its not anything to shout about, but it holds the product, so  that’s always a plus. It is a generic lip gloss tube, and the product cost £1.99 so I couldn’t expect much more. 

This shade Karma is such a gorgeous light brown nude shade, I am absolutely living for it!! This a very thick, full pigment lipgloss that would look gorgeous over a similar toned lipstick (one that you can set!) It goes great with my light skin tone and gives a great neutral look. 

I have to say, when I bought this online, I didn’t really read what a Lip Euphoria was, I assumed due to shade it was a liquid lipstick that would dry down, that is not the case. The pigmentation is on point, one stroke for full coverage which rules, but its stays wet and tacky which gives this next to no wearability for me. It looks great in photos though! 

In all honesty, I won’t buy it again, but that’s because I am not a gloss fan (long hair and a habit of always having a drink does not make it fun), if you are into glosses, I would definitely recommend you try this. £1.99, what you got to lose? 

Thank you for the people who have been reading my blogs, sharing my posts and following me on Instagram, it is so appreciated xx 

Laroc Beginner’s Collection 120 Summer Shades Review

I told you I own other brands. 

So, if you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ll know I bought this a little while ago, but I thought it was worth a review

Firstly, the packaging on this is so sleek in my mind, the font kind of reminds me of the American Horror Story font. I love AHS, so I ain’t even mad. Its a durable, hard shell casing, that stores two stacking palettes of 60 shades each. 

The shades this palette holds is insane! The whole rainbow is covered in here in both mattes and shimmers. I have to say though, the mattes are very poor, the fall out is ridiculous and the colour pay off is next to nothing. The only ways I can get a payoff from those mattes is to either use my fingers, or put the product on my brush and spray fixing spray on the brush. 

Im not a total meanie though. The shimmers in this palette make the whole thing worthwhile. Again, packed on they are very pigmented, and look fantastic on the eye. I always use my finger for this, because again, they dont work well with a brush. Some of the shades are of a baked consistency, and they are the bomb! 

That green though 😍 

Overall, I’m not shouting off the rooftops about this palette, but it was £8.99 on eBay. Considering there is at least 30 shades I would and could wear, its not a total waste of money. The baked shimmers are practically pressed glitters in some cases. 

If you want me to put together some looks with this palette, please let me know in the comments!