Unicorn Love Palette by I Heart Make Up (TAM beauty) 

I thought I would make this my very first review as this palette is everywhere! For good reason I mean, look at it! 

Firstly the packaging, it pink. I am not a massive pink person on reality, but there is something endearing about the packaging, I can see that this would appeal to younger make up users/beginners. (the journey begins young padawans) Also its furry, more like a fuzzy kind of fur which again is fun, but one foundation explosion away of being wrecked. 

On the inside you get the standard beautiful big mirror that you get in most of the hard shell TAM beauty palettes, and its super useful, as I do my eye make up first as it saves from shadow fall out (more on this to come) 

Then there are these beautiful colours, unicorn, the white/pale is a great base to go over an eye primer/concealer to set it. The top row are full of colours that make a great neutral eye look quite quick and easy, work down the row, add some of the gold colour Love on the lid for a glitter pop and boom, good to go. 

The second row is where the fun starts! Those purples are on the pink side, you can pack them on to get that real magenta colour, but for a standard look, it came out more of a pinky hue. Again on this row more crease and neutral colours, a lot with warmer tones, which just goes lovely with these unicorn purples. 

The bottom row has some gorgeous shimmer shades which are so highly pigmented they can basically be foils if you use your fingers or a packer brush. The only downside to this palette for me is that blue. In my mind I’ve been struggling what to do with that blue. It has no other lighter cool shades, the rest of the palette is very warm, so it seems a tad out of place. 

The formulation of these shadows is just devine for the £7 price point in the UK. Its very smooth and pigmented, even the lighter shades such as the beautiful peach colour are present with very little swirling in the product or many layers. I am very impressed with this palette, the only thing I wish was different is maybe some of the many browns could have been complementary colours for the stunning blue. 

I love it guys, what TAM beauty palette should I buy next? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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