Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette 

Gooood morning! 

As you will rapidly find, I am a sucker for all of the TAM beauty brands and products, they have powder products down. 

The Fortune Favours the Brave palette was my first farour into Makeup Revolution and I haven’t been disappointed thus far! 

This palette was a collab with British Beauty Blogger, which I think is awesome! We see so many collabs from makeup companies with American youtubers/bloggers/influencers that its refreshing to see a Brit get the chance. I also think its awesome that it is a collaboration with an affordable brand as not everyone has £40 to drop on an eye-shadow palette at a moments notice. Only so many times I can say something is for the wedding 😂

Let’s look at this pretty packaging! Mine is well loved as you can all see! The gold gives this palette a very luxe look with the gold embossed emblem and the black writing. It is again a hard shell, so it has that big mirror which as I mentioned before is brilliant, considering you get 30 shades, a durable casing and a mirror for £9.99. Bargain. 

Excuse the glare, I know, I know. 

Look at this layout! They nailed it! All the shades are pretty much surrounded by complimentary shades which has made it really simple to create amazing looks for an eye-shadow newcomer or latecomer…

The top row has gorgeous light shades, which I often use as a base for my lid and a light brown to start my crease off with, moving down we have a baked yellow-orange toned gold which again looks foiled when packed on. I must say they did well to include blues in this palette, but the colour payoff isn’t the best for these, especially as they’re dark blues, but as I have hazel eyes, blue isn’t a colour I often look to, so its no biggie. 

Second row has more of those amazing baked shades, again mostly varients of gold (wonder why?) It is also home to a gorgeous shimmery brown which again looks great to deepen the crease. The real VIC’s (very important colours) are the khaki greens at the end. These are creamy and cool toned and just awesome (I think I feel a tutorial coming on) 

I have included some finger swatches of the third row, as its the row I use most often. 

The brown at the end is my go to. I love it. Nearly as much as pie. It just helps create a gorgeously smokey look, and the formulation is a little creamier than some of the others, making the blendability amazing for the price point. Again more light shimmers which add a lovely sheen to a more natural, low key look. 

Look at those blacks smooooookey. In the pan the second black down has red shimmer running through it which gives a subtle warm glow to the colour, its just awesome. Moving on to the matte black, hey girl! This shade has got you for ultimate rock  chick chic. 

Forth row is home to a gorgeous pearlescent silver which rocks the inner corner! This row also houses the rose gold baked shade which I love all over the lid on a light neutral crease for a daytime look. At the end are some purples which again aren’t really my thing, but a nice formulation all the same. 

The baked shades, I find, work best if used with fingers, then blended out, to get a great colour pay off. Some of the darker shades such as the blue may benefit from the same, but the shades of blue just aren’t for me in this selection. I mostly use the neutrals and the baked shimmers for work appropriate, wearable looks. 

This can be bought at superdrug, either online or in store and on for £9.99. 

If you liked this review, or have any suggestions, please do leave a comment! 

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