Laroc Beginner’s Collection 120 Summer Shades Review

I told you I own other brands. 

So, if you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ll know I bought this a little while ago, but I thought it was worth a review

Firstly, the packaging on this is so sleek in my mind, the font kind of reminds me of the American Horror Story font. I love AHS, so I ain’t even mad. Its a durable, hard shell casing, that stores two stacking palettes of 60 shades each. 

The shades this palette holds is insane! The whole rainbow is covered in here in both mattes and shimmers. I have to say though, the mattes are very poor, the fall out is ridiculous and the colour pay off is next to nothing. The only ways I can get a payoff from those mattes is to either use my fingers, or put the product on my brush and spray fixing spray on the brush. 

Im not a total meanie though. The shimmers in this palette make the whole thing worthwhile. Again, packed on they are very pigmented, and look fantastic on the eye. I always use my finger for this, because again, they dont work well with a brush. Some of the shades are of a baked consistency, and they are the bomb! 

That green though 😍 

Overall, I’m not shouting off the rooftops about this palette, but it was £8.99 on eBay. Considering there is at least 30 shades I would and could wear, its not a total waste of money. The baked shimmers are practically pressed glitters in some cases. 

If you want me to put together some looks with this palette, please let me know in the comments! 

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