Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria in Karma Review.

Back to your regularly scheduled make up brand…

Hi guys, 

Just a short review today, of the Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria lipgloss in the shade Karma. 

The packaging is nice. Its not anything to shout about, but it holds the product, so  that’s always a plus. It is a generic lip gloss tube, and the product cost £1.99 so I couldn’t expect much more. 

This shade Karma is such a gorgeous light brown nude shade, I am absolutely living for it!! This a very thick, full pigment lipgloss that would look gorgeous over a similar toned lipstick (one that you can set!) It goes great with my light skin tone and gives a great neutral look. 

I have to say, when I bought this online, I didn’t really read what a Lip Euphoria was, I assumed due to shade it was a liquid lipstick that would dry down, that is not the case. The pigmentation is on point, one stroke for full coverage which rules, but its stays wet and tacky which gives this next to no wearability for me. It looks great in photos though! 

In all honesty, I won’t buy it again, but that’s because I am not a gloss fan (long hair and a habit of always having a drink does not make it fun), if you are into glosses, I would definitely recommend you try this. £1.99, what you got to lose? 

Thank you for the people who have been reading my blogs, sharing my posts and following me on Instagram, it is so appreciated xx 

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