New Look Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick in Burgundy

I said this deserved its own review! 

I bought this liquid lipstick a little while ago, and honestly, it never fails to impress me. 

The packaging is quite basic, its plastic with a black lid but I love the rectangular shape. Its just a bit funky in my sheltered mind haha. The only trouble is as you can see, it is easy to not completely do it up, which could potentially cause a gloopiness issue of time. The scientific termonolgy there…

I really really love this doe foot applicator. It holds just the right amount of product to cover each part of the lip, and has edges that allow you to effectively line your lips to get really crisp and precise lines. Which we all know is goals. 

As you can see from the swatch it is a very dark colour, which you would expect, and is very opaque. The formula is of a creamy consistency as it goes on, so it’s not a loose or watery liquid lipstick at all. This attributes to the fact that it doesn’t cling to dry skin on your lips, which let’s face it is all a girl can ask of her liquid lipstick when applying makeup at 6am for work 😴

And this is how it wears! Cheating I know. It is such a versalite, go to colour that makes most looks look classy! So overall, I am down. I can’t have paid more than £4 for this so it is an absolute steal!

Any suggestions on what to review next? Let me know?!

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