Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review!

Hi team! 

Thank you for you patience with me! I have had a hectic couple of weeks and haven’t had time to contemplate blogging, so I am very sorry! 

So I a makeup swap with my girl @angelinabbdoll on instagram, and one of the items I requested when she asked was the Wet and Wild Photofocus Foundation in Porcelain. 

Everyone and their mum has tried this Foundation and loved it, so my hopes were sky high. I’ve not been disappointed! 

So the packaging comes in a heavy glass bottle which gives this foundation an expensive feel, which is pretty awesome as it costs like $7 in the US. It has a spatula applicator, which I don’t hate, but I would prefer a pump, because this is a very thin consistency Foundation and sometimes you don’t need as much as what you get. 

Colour wise, I have not found a better match yet. I am pale AF as we all know, and this gives me a great match without making me look like a ghost! The foundation is a medium to high coverage, and is buildable, when it goes on my face, it just makes the skin look alive. 

I also need to give this Foundation its dues, in that it doesn’t need a powder to put other powder products on your face such as bronzer, but a setting powder does help the staying power. 

My only gripe, and it’s minor considering the rest of its great attributes, is that after 5 or 6 hours it sticks to some of my dryer patches on my jawline and left cheek. But I work in an air conditioned office for 9hrs a day. So its to be expected, it doesn’t break down on my T-zone area which can get greasy, so I’d call it a win. 

I know it’s a pain that Wet and Wild is not readily available in the UK. This foundation can be purchased on both Amazon and EBay. 

If you enjoyed this review, please leave a comment below! 

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