Wet and Wild Liquid Catsuit in Pink Really Hard Review

Hi team! 

Hope everyone’s week has gone well! Again it’s been hectic at work, so I think Tuesday and Sunday will become my new posting days. 

Today I will reviewing Wet and Wild Liquid Catsuit in Pink Really Hard from my make up swap with Angelinabbdoll on instagram. 
Firstly, the packaging is super sturdy, I would have no worries throwing this in the bottom of my bag after application. It has a Hard plastic casing, and a sturdy black plastic lid which has a great twist in locking mechanism, so no guessing if you’ve closed it fully which is great for me since on my early shifts, I do my makeup in the car haha. 

The applicator is a standard Doefoot applicator, and as you can see below, holds a fair amount of product which will do your top lip in one, and your bottom lip in two(if you have a big bottom lip like me) 

The colour is what it says on the tin Pink Really Hard this is the perfect springtime Pink for yellow undertones like me, because it is undoubtedly baby Pink, but has more of a brownie salmon hue then fushia which I think compliments my skin tone nicely. Put on in one layer, and this Liquid lipstick gives a beautiful nudey pink colour that compliments a spring look.

Contrary to that picture, it does actually have a very thin consistency. The consistency helps with the staying power in my mind, because you only truly need one layer and you’re covered. This is a buildable colour so if you wait for later one to dry you can build up a more vibrant look. 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review, please leave a comment below if you did! 

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