I bought a fake Colourpop lipstick so you don’t have to!

Hey guys, 

So this is something different. I was buying some bits on eBay and saw a listing for Colorpop Matte Liquid Lipsticks, they said they were genuine and that they were a U.K. Seller, but because I know fakes exist, I knew this one was fake as it was £1.89. 

It wasn’t from a U.K. Seller, firstly, it came from Hong Kong and took nearly 2 months to arrive. When it did finally arrive yesterday, it came looking like this.

It was battered! And I don’t know if all the colours have a bright red cardboard cap, but what I ordered was not a bright red lipstick! When I tried to open the box firstly the little tag broke into like 3 bits and the tube was stuffed in so tight, that I had to open the other end and push it out. 

Once it was out, it looked really good, apart from the side of the bottle, where the screw in is, is chipped. Not good for a brand new product really. 

The applicator was nothing to write home about, it was a standard doe foot and picked up the product as well as any other. It was fuzzy and full which I don’t personally mind from a real product! 

As you can see, the colour isn’t anything to shout about. It’s dark pink. It smelt like play doh and honestly, I’m not down for that. I love the play doh smell, but not on my lips. 

This is how it looked after one layer, and after maybe 20secs, my lips were tingling and I began to freak out. My lips also seemed to swell a tiny bit which didn’t help with the freak out. After one layer you can see the colour has next to no pigment, and doesn’t show on my lips. It also took a long time to dry and was very tacky to the touch which I personally found annoying. It didn’t sit awfully on my lips, and it didn’t feel mega drying, but it wasn’t as good as legit Liquid lipsticks I own. 

This is two coats and honestly, look at it. It’s rubbish! My wholehearted suggestion is buy some liquid lipsticks from Superdrug for a couple of pound, you’ll get better results and know what the hell is on your lips.
So guys, please, if it looks too good to be true, it is! 

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