Something different. I am starting Weight Watchers!

Hi guys, 

So I know this is a makeup blog, and normal service will resume, but I feel the need to let you know what’s going on in my life.

So, you may not know, I get married in October and I am super stoked! I have picked my dress and it is nothing like what I had envisioned. My dress is a size 22 which sucks. I know wedding dresses run small but wah! 

I was 18 stone January 2016 and I worked hard at the gym and calorie counted, by June 2016 I was 16st. I also lost my job and couldn’t afford the gym. Luckily I got a new job very soon after, that I am so happy in, however it is 40mins away from home and I do shift work; soon after the gym quickly fell by the wayside. 

So I put on a stone from June to January 2017, which wasn’t bad going, but I wasn’t happy. I started 5:2 in January 2017 and lost the stone I gained, but my mojo is gone. I can’t do it anymore. 

I have tried slimming world in the past and I have lost weight, but I’ve never stuck to it enough to loose any significant amount of weight. The reason I never really did was that as much as they preached unlimited this and that, the stipulations and restrictions on bread and cheese just kill it for me. 

So queue Weight Watchers. I have had a really skewed view of this company for a long time. I did their old school points plan when I was at school, and an apple and a cheap packet of crisps used to have the same points value. Where is the education there? I am overjoyed to learn that the new Smart Points plan moves away from a purely calorie restrictive diet, and has started to make members accountable for the sugar and fat they eat. 

I have been allocated 37 smart points a day, which I feel will be plenty, as most fruit and veg are 0pts! Also I can have a sandwich with proper bread for like 5pts which blows my mind! 

I’m also allocated 42 weekly points which can be used on top of the 37 daily points. These can be used all in one go or spread across the week, as there is none of this carrying points over nonsense. 

I have been shopping today and stocked up on lots of low point protein and snacks. Also I’ve bought loads of fruit. I’m hoping for an ok loss for my first week, 2lbs would be amazing, but I’m happy with 1lb. 

Please let me know if you’re interested in these types of post, if so I will keep you updated! 


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