Lipsense Lip Kit-Blu Red

Hello all! 

Long time no see, but we’ll discuss that another day. Today I’m talking about the wonderful Lipsense Lipstick Lipkit that is so big right now. Like Tati reviewed one last week and looked beautiful! 

Full disclosure, the wonderful lusciouslips.cote on instagram has sent me these to try for free, however all opinions are my own and I am free to say as I please. 

So they arrive in this gorgeous little set, and mine came with a full promotional booklet which explained a lot about what Lipsense does and the business behind it. It had great tips about finding colours to suit your skin tone as well as other products in their range. 

Again let’s talk about the business bit, they do sell through direct marketing so these products are bought through independent distributors. I see nothing wrong with this model, but admittedly it’s what puts me off Younique. I feel like you can’t trust the reviews of people who get paid to sell the products, but the marketing seems different with Lipsense, more around suggestions and tips rather than ‘look how amazing this <insert bog standard product> is. 

So here are the three products that were in the gorgeous bag. You have the Lipsense Colour (I chose Blu-red because I’ve not owned a true bright red in ages) this is done in 3 thin coats, you leave 3-5 seconds between each coat, and you sweep in the same direction whilst applying. 

This is when you feel the product working, coz if you have any dry skin; You will feel it. The ‘tingle’ is a sting, I won’t lie, but it lasts seconds. The more you wear the Lipsense, (it explains in the booklet) the less you will get the ‘tingle’ as it exfoliates your lips. I wore the Lipsense 3 days on the trot and I can attest that my lips did stop stinging and felt a whole lot softer, which rules! The lip colour is extremely tacky though, when applying you have to keep your mouth open the whole time or you will ruin the lip look. 

The next in the set is the Lipsense Hydrating Gloss, and after you’ve put your third coat of colour on and let it dry, you will want this gloss on ASAP. As soon as it goes on it makes the colour feel lovely on your lips. It’s not a gloopy gloss, and it actually prolongs the life of your colour, which rules! 

The third in the set is the LipSense Oops Remover, which is basically one of the only things to get this off your lips! It doesn’t have a strong smell but has a very oily consistency. 

The Lipsense USP is that it last anywhere from 4-18 hours with little to no touch ups. I put this to the test. I ate McDonald’s – still on, I napped face down with it – still on. I was drinking from a glass and there was absolutely 0 residue. I have also worn this to work and that’s 9hrs plus. I can’t say it looked freshly applied after 12hrs, but it didn’t look bad and I think that’s all you can ask for when you finish work at 8pm! 

So for my American readers, you can contact Lusciouslips.Cote to either purchase or enquire about joining Kelsey’s team: LusciousLips.Cote

And for my UK readers LusciousLips.Cotes cousin is repping in the UK after a big move over! You can find her details to either purchase or join up here: Luscious Lips Kenny

The sets aren’t drugstore prices, however once you have bought the set, it’s only the colours you need. I for one will be buying another for my wedding day, because I don’t want to worry about lipstick all day! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think below! 

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