About AmyToria Make-Up


I am Amy, as I have explained previously, I have used the screen name AmyToria for years, like maybe 10 years. Hell.

So I am in my twenties, and I would like to think myself a make-up enthusiast. I have been wearing make up since I was like 12, and I have seen some trends, from foundation lips to scene kid realness. My most recent spike of interest has come from youtube vid. I know, I may as well have lived under a rock. I have been watching a lot of the big players, Manny, Kathleen Lights, Nikki Tutorials and some real up and comers such as Sophdoesnails (my main inspiration to start documenting my beauty findings).

I also watch the drama channels, coz they’re funny as hell. Modern day pantomimes and I cant get enough haha!

I mentioned before, I have a house and a fiancĂ© and a furbaby Lilly, so money is quite tight. Weddings are expensive, mortgages are expensive and our cat is a goddamn princess that will only eat the Gourmet food. Coz mama’s a queen. lol. So a lot of the make up I will be talking about is drugstore or affordable make up, as between the bills and my love of food, I don’t have megabuck.

Leave me some comments with your blogs, I love a good reliable review!