Hi Guys!

So stereotypical. I know.

Hiya! I’m Amy, I’ve used the screen name AmyToria for literal years, so I thought it should also be applicable to my blog!

I’m a twenty something make up enthusiast, I’m getting married in October 2017, and have a house with my wonderful fianc√© Joe and our furbaby Lily. That is why my blog is beauty for the broke. Houses and cats and fiances are bloody expensive, and tbh really impede my make up budget :’)

I kid. I love those two!

I wanted to start this blog as I put lots of looks on my Instagram, peppered between cat pics, so if highlight for days and cat ears are your thing, you can check out my insta, I’m just @amytoria and I will get this linked above!

Now you know me, and my motivation behind why I want to blog, lets get to it!

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