Makeup Revolution Arch and Shape Brow Pencil Review

I swear I own other make-up brands.


So today I am reviewing the Makeup Revolution Arch and Shape brow pencil in the shade Dark. I need to start out by saying I am VERY new to the whole eyebrow hype, I’ve never had mine done professionally because I is a wiiiiiimp! 

My first farour into eyebrows was when my future sister-in-law aka Brow Queen! Did my makeup. She used Benefit Kabrow and my eyebrows looked fan, so I went and bought it but I honestly struggled. Thats where this guy drops in. 

This two in one has made doing my brows so easy for an everyday look. It has a super soft pencil, which is easily workable in to my brows to help define the shape I want. My brows have a pretty good natural arch, so I follow the shape of my brows, and built the arch up just a little. The pencil is a very pigmented colour which blends perfect with my natural dark brown hair. 

The other side is all filler. But also all killer. Tumbleweed… 

The other side looks like a felt tip pen, and again is a very pigmented liquid that fills in all the gaps perfectly, whilst still looking natural. It would be great after you have spoolied (now a word) your brows into place to fill in any hairless spots. 

Here are some swatches of both sides so you can see the consistency of them, and the colour pigment. The pencil is on the Right and the ‘pen’ is on the left. 

The best thing about this product? £3.50 I’m superdrug! It is the perfect beginners tool to start learning how to get great brows. 

Once more, if you liked this leave a comment, or if you have anything you would like me to review, please let me know below! 

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