Eco Tools Lovely Look Makeup Brush Mini Collection

Hello team! 

Salutations from the bath, as it’s been a stinker of a week. Wah. 

So Saturday, Joe and I took a stroll in to town so that I can mail the makeup i bought for a makeup swap with @angelinabbdoll on instagram, she lives in the states so i sent her some awesome bits from Supadrug, and she is sending me some Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation amongst some other small bits, so a review will be up of that Asap. 

As we were in town, we popped in to TK Maxx to look at the homeware and nick nacks. We bought a prop for our wedding in October which is exciting and at the tills I spotted these beauties. 

These were £7.99 which I didn’t think was awful as I have heard great things about Eco Tools, and I am on the hunt for more great quality tools. The set comes in a little book holder, that made of hard cardboard and is really durable, it will always hold the brushes in place, I can’t see it getting slack over time. The box has a glossy, high end feel to it, which is pretty awesome for £7.99. 

As we can see, the brushes are a mini set, but upon first use this hasn’t put me off, they don’t need to be any bigger for me. The set has a powder/blush brush, a foundation brush, two eyeshadow brushes, one for all over and one for more precise lines, and then a lip brush. I must confess I haven’t used the lip brush, as i don’t have any lip stains or low enough lipsticks. 

First up, the foundation brush was lovely, it has the standard shape, kind of off almost, and has a good packing of bristles. I put the foundation on my hand first, but next time I will dot on my face and then blend in for even coverage. This left no streaks or brush marks on my face, so I’d call it a win. The only downside is the brush needed immediately cleaning afterwards because it didn’t absorb any product. 

The powder and blush brush was my favourite of this whole set, it was super soft, and picked up the right amount of product first time. I used it for both powder and blush, and whilst it was fine for blush, I really liked it for powder. The loose powder just glided on perfectly. 

I bought this set for the eyeshadow brushes, and to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. The all over the lid brush is scratchy. That’s all I can really say. Blending was hurting, and I ended up using my Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush to blend the edges, coz my sensitive eyes couldn’t stand the scratch. The flat detail brush was a redeemer though, it applied brown shadow to my lash line like it was liner and was so easy to do my brows with. 

My final look with the brushes…

Overall I am happy with this purchase, I am still on the hunt for good eyeshadow brushes though, so hit me up in the comments with your recommendations. 

Thanks for reading! 

20 thoughts on “Eco Tools Lovely Look Makeup Brush Mini Collection

  1. I’ve seen this brand around but haven’t ever tried them. I too saw them in TK Maxx and for that price I might have to give them a try… Another excuse to buy more makeup brushes (oops).


  2. I have the full powder brush and I love it 😍 so nice to see a full review. Will definitely look out for the foundation brush!
    Chloe x


  3. I have a couple of eco tools eyeshadow brushes and I looove them! This looks a lovely set!
    Kirsty | The Monday Project |


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